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Useful features of Red Wine


wine can improve our health? Scientists say “Yes”.

Studies have shown that red wine, which is rich in flavanol material is best for our health. Flavanol known for its antioxidant properties that help the body against diseases and the common cold virus. Red wine also contains substances that help the body fight cancer and cardiovascular disease. Even those red wines that are rich flavanol not much more useful than white wine. Thus, the best choice for health is a dry red wine.

Although red wine has useful properties, its active use, especially not at night possible. Just add one cup of red wine your daily ration and you will immediately feel the improvement of your health.

XVI century Swiss physician wrote: “Wine is a food, medicine and poison all depends on the dosage.” Excessive amounts of wine also damage your health as well as an excessive amount of food. Doctors agree that for men on day one glass of wine can be beneficial, but in the case of women, half of glass cup in full enough.

The expert on cardiovascular disease, Professor Roger Cordery for many years studied the beneficial effects of red wine on the body. In his new book he writes that every human being an integral part of the daily ration should be a red wine. Cordero wondered why the French have the lowest rates of heart disease even though their ration contains large amounts of fat. He has conducted research in the south of France and came to the conclusion that the average life expectancy is relatively high. Then it turned out that the French side produces a large number of local wine, which contains the highest number of antioxidants in the world. As a result, the study concluded that wine is one of the best health benefits.


A glass of red wine is the elixir of youth