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Our Story

The company “Madamwine” was founded in 2010. The main objective and task of the company, products of which are intended only for women, was the creation of new brands from oldest varieties of grapes. As the newest research shows, the role of women today has increased much in all spheres. It is well-known around the world that women are considered the best winemakers (enologists). However Georgian people, in many centuries and years, thought that this job is only for men and there is only men’s prerogative to create alcoholic beverages. I dared to break this stereotype and in 2010 founded the company “Madamwine” which is one of the first women winemaking companies in Georgia. This company unites women who immensely love winemaking work and whose nature is similar to this divine drink. This is fact that the wine and the woman has a lot of similarity and the main of them are a coquetry, playfulness, fun, severity and mysteriousness. That is why the company “Madamwine” makes such mysterious wine as "Lovely woman", red semi sweet, as blithesome as wine "Coquette " red semi dry, quiet and stable as “Housewife”  red dry, same cheerful as "Rose" - sami dry, and same traditional as "Kakhuri"  - red dry. The company “Madamwine” emphasizes the culture of drink of wine, for its correct use, health and beauty. “Madamwine” is the company which tries to provide the Georgian wine to the whole world, seen by eyes of the Georgian women. Plans are big, beautiful and endless, like a female phenomenon

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Our Wines

company "Madamwine"  produces traditional Georgian wine and wine for women given the diversity of character and mood

Traditional For Women
  • Mukuzani

  • Kindzmarauli

  • Alazany Valley Red

  • Rose

  • Lovely Woman

  • Coquette

  • Housewife




New Wine Festival 2016

14 May,on Mtatsminda Park by the Wine Club's organized "New Wine Festival 2016"
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On June 5 was held the ,, 9th International Exhibition - WinExpo Georgia 2016 "

On June 5 was held the ,, 9th International Exhibition - WinExpo Georgia 2016 "
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Special -EBRD- program for women entrepreneurs

"Woman startups" is the name of the program, which the European Reconstruction and Development Bank holds in place with "Bank of Georgia"
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Festival "Rtveli 2016" in Kakheti -Telavi

Week of Georgian wine" was opened in Telavi, which is organized by the Association "Georgian wine"
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Fruit Salad with wine

Dried apricots - 200 gr. 200 gr. of prunes, 2- Lemons, 3 apples. Sugar - 2 tb. spoon....

Jelly with red wine

boil water and sugar with zest of one lemon, add the dissolved gelatin, red wine, lemon juice, mix to fill in the forms...

Useful features of Red Wine

wine can improve our health? Scientists say "Yes". Studies have shown that red wine, which is rich in flavanol material is best for our health...



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